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my night of oral dogging, West Sussex horny wife story .....

West Sussex Outdoor Bukkake People join swingers sites for all types of reasons but most revolve around wanting to try out some sexual fantasies and thats just what this West Sussex Dogging couples wanted to do ...and by the looks of things head one hell of a time ...

Read there dogging story and posted on the right are some locations taken from member forum postings ....enjoy I sure as hell did reading this story

............cuckold dogging in Arundel ... We arranged to meet up just on the outskirts of Arundel ( West Sussex) and it was a nice quiet lay by that was surrounded by trees and just about the most ideal outdoor venue possible as you could see the road side so anything approaching was clear before they even saw you…ideal. I’d arranged with the guys to meet and they were under the impression I was alone, although it was my husband that had been speaking to them on the dogging forum but he didn’t want them to know that or that he was present  . 

I’d used the work van as my husband had the car and was already there and making sure I was ready for fun had a little light summer dress on and nothing else and seeing the cars parked I pulled along side parked up and climbed into the back .. and opened the rear doors

They all walked over and greeted them along with my husband in the group but they were un aware of this, in fact I told them my cuckold husband was at home listening on the phone and standing my mobile up on the side said he likes to hear me getting fucked…in fact when I fuck guys at home I make him sit outside the bedroom door and this got a laugh from the guys ( funny my husband was one of the guys laughing )  

all images posted are member dogging photos heance edited - they are random images and not related to this West Sussex couples story

Hampshire Swingers

Once everyone was around me I removed my dress and was completely naked in the van moving to the edge of the van straight away started to tease and play with myself rubbing my tits and pinching my nipples along and spreading my legs wide I teased myself by pushing a finger inside and then licking the juices from my fingers..It was pretty clear that some of the guys were struggling to hold back and on the verge of cuming ALREADY !!.  Laying back spreading my legs wider I carried on fingering my pussy and they were certainly enjoying the show and by now each one of them were wanking their cocks which only excited me further seeing them all wanking off and I had my first orgasm

Getting out of the van I placed a rug on the floor and kneeling down took hold of a couple of cock in each hand and another guy walked over and was sucking him off …by now it was getting a free for all and I could feel a guy behind my rubbing my clit and the two in front of me were playing with my tits. The guy I was sucking was now fucking my mouth hard and being a bit of an expert when it comes to oral was allowing his cock to slide fully down my mouth and throat and whilst I was gagging a little as he was quite large I was loving it and he soon shot his load down my throat and letting go of the two guys cock pulled him tight against my face so all his cum would drain down my throat and allowing him to side back out I sucked hard to make sure I got every sweet drop of cum. 

The first guy was just one of many cum loads I was going to have that night and it was clear after them seeing just how well I deep throat that taking each one of them was never going to be an issue and I think it was pretty clear after the first guy this slut knew how to give head! Unknown to them my husband cock one that I was  EXTREMELY familiar with was the next one to hand and taking hold of his cock he grabbed my head pushing it back and forcing me to me deep throat his cock and I swallowed him back in one ..another guy was behind me now and as two fingers left my pussy another set soon replace them and as my husband was fucking my mouth I came for a 3rd time just as my husband pulled his cock out and wanked his cum straight into my open mouth .

Before I had chance to wipe the cum from my face although for a change this times my husbands another guy was feeding me his 9 inch cock into my mouth and his time my pussy was getting some well deserved attention from some guys tong…not sure which one as it was getting a bit busy around me lol…I was getting quite a rough mouth fucking from this guy and was loving it as I do love rough sex and he was telling the other guys to watch how far back I could take his cock and absolutely loved sucking him off and was rewarded with a massive cum load down my throat.

I was left with two guys a young VERY fit guy and a dark haired guy and it wasn’t long before he shoved his cock into my mouth and it was pretty clear he was ready to cum pretty quickly and pulled out of my mouth telling me to open my mouth and wanked his cock straight into my mouth and filled me with his cum…by now I was in heaven having just sucked off four guys and have a gut full of cum

The other guys had left and it was just the young guy and my husband although he still didn’t know it was my husband and he moved into the van next to me and leaning back I took his cock laying down in the van and parted my legs wide so that he could finger me whilst at the same time licking pussy he was fingering me so hard that the van was rocking and my husband removed his cock and leaned over “ let him fuck you, tell him you want his cock inside your pussy”  and with that looked down to the guy..” I know I told you guys no fucking but as you’re the last one that’s not cum do you want to fuck me”

and the rest is inside the members blog.......


Finding great West Sussex dogging sites isn't just pure luck and about turning up to some car park and finding it full of contacts its about one thing alone that knowing the places to go

The best people to tell you this are the couples using these West Sussex dogging locations and within the members section we have thousands of couples posting details in blogs, forums, message boards and chatrooms...just check out some of the recent positing's ( note this may not be correct)

Chichester  - After meets on Cocking hill car park on A286 easy to find heading out from Midhurst (more)

Bognor Regis - fuck my wife between the band stand and Butlins...sure you'll know where I mean if you don't know send me a message as we are heading that way tonight..also looking for bi male meets (more)

Littlehampton - West beach this weekend anyone ? A259 past Littlehampton over bridge and then Ferry Road, past the Rope Walk then look for carpark...also heard meets at Climping beach, sand dunes (more)

Haywards Heath - WE used to use Ditchling Common (Burgess Hill) ? but the council have rewind this anyone else now a current location around Haywards ?. (more)

Worthing - Victoria Park - carpark don't stay around the cars once you've meet up try bushes its more private. (more)

Arundel - Don't use Whiteways the police are patrolling - try Crosbush Hotel A27 and look for the pay by close to the woods, then follow the path loads going on right now (more)

Crawley any idea where to meet around Crawley  ? I'm a black guy looking for couples   (more)