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Hampshire Outdoor sex What found memories I have of my first outdoor sex…in fact it was that that really got me into the dogging scene and so join this contacts website ….he’s my little story, oh if you like what you read and better still my photos why not drop me a line and lets meet

I live in Waterlooville, Hampshire and often go riding around some of the parks and public walkways but this day didn’t turn out quite like I expected … I stopped by this little mobile café for a quick drink before heading off and this couple were having a royal old argument so I did my best to stay clear.

I didn’t know if they were married I assuming so but FUCK man was she fit. She was in cycling shorts and a crop top that basically hid nothing and I was even able to get a bit of a view of a camel toe ..fuck horny.... I was doing my best not to make direct eye contact but she was so fit I’m pretty sure she was more than used to guys staring at her and when she saw me looking I pretended to be looking at her bike that looked just as knackered as mine..

It was then we locked eyes and thought sod it and smiling back "Problem?" I asked "My husband needs to make a business call so doesn’t want to go riding” ... My mind instantly raced to the type of riding I would do with her “Well if fancy it and can keep up I’m just going out now” I could see her thinking and then I don’t know if my mind was playing tricks but I was sure eyed me up “ Sure, you go first and I’ll follow as my boring husband will flip if he see me riding off with some young guy” …OK I’m now defiantly getting the come of here..

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Riding off I didn’t go too far and then after a few minutes I saw riding along behind me, pulling along side she looked behind to make sure her Husband wasn’t following and once closer I said  "Hi, lost the husband then" I said & grinned "well ditched, he’s getting so boring”  so looking at me really seductively "I’ve got about an hour before I have to be back and to be honest I won’t some fun, you up for it?" I’m sure at that stage she must have seen my jaw hit the floor “ what you got in mind?" thinking please say a fuck "I’ve not been fucked by another guy in years wanna help me?”.

Quite how I didn’t fall of the bike was amazing and it was then she just smiled and told me to follow her..I followed her up a bank and through a gap into a small clearing. Placing our bikes on the floor she walked and straight placed her hand onto my shorts directly onto my bulging cock and I pulled her head towards her kissing her passionately.. We kissed, becoming more intense whilst at the same time our hands were pulling each other clothing off knowing time was against us and I wanted to see that pussy that had been teasing me inside her shorts..

I managed to get her shorts down and grabbed hold of her firm arse whist she removed her top revealing perfect tits with huge erect nipples that were so stiff and lickable. She pulled my shorts off and without even stopping she was on her knees with my cock sliding slowly into her mouth and so slowly (thank fuck) rubbed her lips along my cock and pulling out "Guess you wanna fuck me?" "You bet I do" with that she grinned and standing up she turned around and I got a great view of her firm ass and perky breasts.

Moving up behind her I teased her by sliding my cock across her ass and then teasing her pussy she reacted out and steadied herself against a large tree and pulling her arse apart I took a look at her tight little ass and then her opened pussy and slowly eased my cock into her..I pressed a little into her and stopped a moment and then fully pushed deep into her right up tight against her ass and she pushed back against my cock.

Placing my arms under her I moved up to her tits and squeezing & cupping them rolled her nipples between my fingers "Fuck" she grunted “ your so much bigger than my husband I forget what its like to have something so big inside me” as my cock slid deep inside her stretching wide open right back to the hilt….I started to fuck her hard grabbing hold tight onto her hips and it was no finesse, no playing , just pure FUCKING SEX

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