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want to try Dorset dogging? read on!!

DorsetI joined a site because basically I was getting fed up with time wasters and guys that just didn't have a clue how to please a women ....and a girlfriend ( not in a sexual way ..down boys ;o)) told me about this swingers site so thought why not

It was pretty soon after joining up that I realised that I would soon fit into this "casual" sexual arrangement that these types of sites have and I was soon chatting and meeting with guys ...What did surprise me was just how lustful I could be in so much of having sex outdoors ...fucking in some Dorset dogging site ...what ever next lol

We'd been chatting via the chatroom and private messages and the time had come for us to meet up, well I say time we meet a few days ago...but isn't that the idea of a swingers site, after all do you really want these ping pong type email messages going backwards and forwards for ever and a day ..I don't. We meet in a bar and straight away the chemistry was there and we got chatting and didn't notice how the time was flying by time the manager told us he was locking up

As the moment came to leave I could tell he wanted more but not talking anymore we'd done that and walking across to the door it very clear he was turned on looking at the bulge in his jeans and having already seen what was offer I was more than up for getting my lips around it ...ANY lips and smiling to myself knew I was going to fuck him

Once back to his car he offered me a lift so getting in I leaned over and kissed him, this turned into deep passionate kiss and it shock & penetrated her corner of my body and desires...fuck I wanted him, "so, Where to now?" he looks towards me, "Just drive down the road " and pointing down this quite lane she knew there was a few places where members had commented about a lay-by that was private and ideal for dogging...not that I wanted to share him, it just sounds like an ideal location

As I was directing him I pointed towards the road and letting my hand fall back onto his lap my hand was an ideal position to tease the head of his cock that was now straining against his jeans and I could sense the wetness soaking into my knickers. Driving down the lane I noticed the directions that I'd seen on the forum and saw the sign for the picnic site & lay-by so pulled in.. Parking up we looked around and could see a few other cars parked and it was pretty clear what was going on and having remember reading an article on dogging etiquette told him not to open the window or turn on any lights as I wanted him


I'd never been to a dogging locations before as I couldn't see the point of having sex in a car or some picnic bench but once there the danger and thrill was quite exhilarating and we didn't wait around. I undid my seatbelt and turned straight towards him and putting my hand onto his lap I was teasing and urging him pull it free from his jeans, leaning forward he kissed me straight away I teased him with my tongue, first letting him have her mouth, then pulling back

Pushing my hand under his t-shirt I could feel his muscular chest and thinking then this is just how I like my men as I'm not into fatties ...NO BHM for this women, I've looked after myself and hours spent working out in the gym were not going to get wasted on some telly tubby! Finding his nipples they were already hard & erect and crying out for the attention of my lips but by now his hand was resting between my crotch and with the amount of pressure he was pushing I was amazed he wasn’t feeling my dampness oozing through my dress....

With his hand firmly pushing into my pussy he whisper "are you as wet as I think you are?", looking at him she smiled "let my tease you" and with that removed his t-shirt and undid his jeans, I straight away removed my top and pulled my dress up to show white knickers that were soaked in juices but it was when I go a glimpse of his cock it was THAT that I wanted, he lowered the seats and I didn't hang around after all we'd been teasing each other all night and my lips soon found his throbbing hard cock. I could hear him groaning as I moved closer to his cock and once there was rewarded with some pre-cum oozing out from him and slowly ran my tong up his shaft around the tip of his cock and teasing him I was enjoying the taste of him as I lowered my lips right down his cock to the base.

Pulling my mouth back I ran my tongue up and down his full length before opening my mouth and allowing him to slide fully back inside my warm wet mouth and doing my best to hold back so that I was taking my time, fighting the urgency of wanting his cock between my thights.."Lay back on the seat I want to taste you..." FUCK no arguments from me there and laid back in her seat and kneeling in the foot well of the car I moved my feet upwards onto the dashboard of the car allowing full access to my pussy that was now leaking juice in readiness for some attention from his fingers and tong and easing my hips forward his face was so close I could feel his breath against me and then that first kiss on my pussy ...........want more? then use the banner and join us now


Lets be honest when you have a county thats so much countryside its not really a case of when your going to meet with Dorset dogging contacts but when

Like so many regions across the South the local scene is strong with members posting meets and details via forums, blogs & chatrooms so check out some of the postings below

Dogging warning:- these may not be current as members are constantly updating the forums section with new Dorset dogging information

Bournemouth - loads of places to meet around Bournemouth such as Meyrick Park Car, Branksome Library Car Park, use the small wood adjacent the car park, Matchams View or Throop Car Park any seem to have good action..We used to use them all but our dogging days are over due to some TWAT loosing his driving licence so happy to meet round ours if you fancy some fun...we could always shag in the garden ;o) (more)

Ringstead - Try Ringstead Car park..was there last night and its the small car park close to the beach from Upton ( A353) (more)

Poole - don't use Studland beach sand dunes its got more police than a police convention ...its a shame as the nudist beach was always a good site (more)

Swanage - try Broad Street by the pier was there last night and had some good action. I'm a bi guy thats offering oral only sex so drop me a line and lets meet there . (more)

Dorchester - Maiden Castle 2 mls south of Dorchester. Good outdoor spot with all types of contacts meeting up . (more)